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Quotes Karen has such a wonderful and amazing energy that I was instantly drawn to you. Being there was transforming and without me even realizing, allowed me to release, reenergize and "water my sacred flowers" to grow and develop my sacred vibrations and understand more of my purpose here on such a sacred planet. Your words made a huge impact on me. Thank you. To hear such wonderful counsel coming from someone I just met is but amazing, too cool and spellbinding. What a surprise and pleasure it was to get this message. I am so happy you shared your thoughts and experiences with me, for you have helped me understand things I have been thinking about and indirectly, answered questions I had. And thank you for answering all of our questions and offering your counsel and healing this weekend. Truly appreciated. I'm very excited and interested to learn more about my past lives and experiences, and to apply any and all knowledge that comes forward though this. You are amazing!! Quotes
Jeremy NB Canada

Quotes I had a past life regression with Karen,I experienced wonderful life changing results,felt unconditional love like i have never experienced before,Karen is a wonderful teacher,and I would recommend her services Quotes
Donna Carpenter
very satisfied client

Quotes Just wanted to thank you not only for the Reiki treatment but also the discussion we had afterwards. Much of the conversation was heartwarming to me and did lift my spirits. I am doing well since my treatment, feeling a little tired and my joints were a bit achy but I have been drinking lots of water and just taking today to rest, read and relax. I have been inspired to start using some affirmations and have been reading my "How to Heal Your Life" book. I have picked it up at different times but I have been feeling a much stronger urge to do this now. I guess I am now ready!!! I had quite a discussion with my daughter, about my granddaughter and what you had told me. She very firmly believes this herself and when I told her you said my grand-daughter can hear voices, she told me she has been alone with her with no conversation going on and suddenly will ask "What?" as if someone has spoken to her. As a matter of fact, my daughter put her to bed the othe Quotes
J. S.
Thank you

Quotes I had my very first Reiki treatment with Karen 3 weeks ago...and I am so very thankful I did. I now know with certainty that my deceased loved ones are still watching over me...and still loving me. I see things more clearly now, and realize that there are beautiful new truths to learn about our human journey and our afterlife. Thank you Karen fior helping me gain new insight. ~ Jean ~ Quotes
Jean Crawford
~Now a Believer~

Quotes Karen thank you so much for the reading and the love. The insight helped me to break through a pattern I have been running up against for MANY lifetimes. I broke through and feel so free! It feels foreign but I am ready to move forward on my path. I feel so energized I cannot tell you. Keep it up you are so awesome :) Quotes

Quotes I am very grateful to have had a reading with Karen. She is an Earth Angel who is a clear and open channel for Divine communication. The angel messages I received were certainly loving, comforting, and insightful. What a wonderful way to put a smile on my face. Thanks Karen! Quotes
Angel Therapy Practitioner

Quotes I met Karen 7 1/2 yrs ago, through a mutual friend. Karen was there for me from the time I found out that we were having a special child gifted to us. I had numerous people, as well as myself sending Faith reiki before she was born. Karen's positive up beat personality kept me going. She helped save my marriage through reiki, she gave my lil girl reiki continuously through distance healing. Karen did a full reiki treatment on Faith which included the psychic surgery. She also taught me how to use reiki to manifest what outcome I wanted in the future. Karen is great healer and she has so much love and passion for this work and for her fellow brothers and sisters. She is a true lightworker who not only talks the talk but walks the walk too! Thank you Karen for being a conduit for gods healing, I can never express my gratitude toward you and everything you have done for my family. My little girl is here because you stepped out and followed you divine path. Quotes
Erin & Kelly Vennard

Quotes In July, 2008, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. At the time we were both overwhelmed with all that was happening in such a short period of time. Within a couple weeks of learning he had cancer, he was in his first chemo treatment. Karen (who is a good friend and at the time neighbor) suggested Ron have a Reiki treatment. Not knowing exactly what Reiki was, Ron was a bit apprehensive, but agreed to have a treatment ? the first of many. There were times during a treatment when Ron felt that something was happening to him that made him feel good and at peace with everything, but unsure of exactly what it was. Karen was there for us for support and healing. Her sense of perception is amazing. We still have many questions as to how Reiki works, we just know that it does. Ron is now 2.5 years cancer free and we firmly believe that Reiki and Karen and her positive attitude toward life and healing are what pulled him through. Thank you Karen, Ron & Patty Quotes
Ron and Patty LaPointe

Quotes The readings I got from Karen sure hit the spot! The messages she passed on to me was exactly what I needed to hear at the right time. I request her readings when I am struggling with something or other, and she provides an angle on things that is surely a messsage from the angels! Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Karen's readings are amazing and so spot on :) It was great to have confirmation of issues I was dealing with and how to deal with them. I loved the reading and will definately return for another in the future. Blessings of love to you xxx Quotes
Holistic Healing Practitioner